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restaurant menus and marketing

Restaurant Printing, Menus & More

We at Print Etc. have many years’ experience in working with various types of eating establishments in designing their menus and other printed items used in marketing their restaurants.  One of the most important aspects in the design is the ability for your customers to be able to read your menu and to be enticed by your food offerings.  I would say this is one of the most common mistakes owners make when designing their menus – driving to highly stylized “ad agency” style menu’s while not focussing on enticing your dining customer by your fantastic food.  Your menu should set the tone of the dining experience, and help your customer chose their meal, not overpower with flash and gimmickry.  Let us assist you as we have so many others design and print your menus, table tents, posters, flyers and much more……. in promoting your restaurant.

Partial List of Restaurant Printing Services by Print Etc:

  • Custom Printed Menus
  • Roll top displays
  • Tent cards
  • To-go menu’s
  • Children’s menu’s
  • Wine lists

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