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Below we have taken the Brochure Printing related blogs from our extensive blog archive, so that you have the ability to focus entirely on Restaurant Menus, Tent Cards, and Restaurant Marketing.

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Mr Menu Printing Tips – KEEP SPECIALS “SPECIAL”

Tonight's Special? This Week's Special? Today's From The Farm? Fresh Catch? Keep your specials more "special" by having them on a separate menu. That way, they can be presented with the "special" flare they deserve, and your specials can be fluid - without having to...

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Restaurant Printing Done Right & Right Now

When I opened, I used to use an out of town, online print service for our menus a tabletop marketing. The truth is, printing for our restaurant is allows rush rush rush… how did we run out?..., how soon can we get it Then a friend told me about Print Etc. in Tampa....

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Mr. Menu – Printing Tip 14 – GET FEEDBACK

Get honest menu feedback from your customers. Does it look and sound good to them?  Are any parts confusing?  What would they change? Before committing to a new menu, perhaps a limited run using digital printing makes sense.  Run the "new menu" by your best customers....

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Print Etc. Printed Branding Headquarters

  Present your brand through a wealth of print products with Print Etc. Impactful branding is far more than paper brochures, fliers and business cards. Think outside the box; include outdoor advertising like posters, banners, flags and vehicle wraps - all...

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Mr. Menu – Printing Tip 12 – WATCH YOUR MENU FONTS

Always use clear, legible fonts. Why would a customer want to order if they can't read the text? No one ever taught typography at culinary schools.   Does a serif or non serif font best express your menu options?  Or.. for most of us.. "What the heck is a serif, and...

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Mr. Menu Printing Tips # 8 CHOOSE THE RIGHT VISUALS Basic clip art is not a good look in your menu; not only is it distracting, but it might turn off your customers. Photos of your real dishes are always a plus, so try to make the shots look as mouth-watering as...

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UPDATE MENUS WHEN YOU NEED TO Your menu should reflect the changes in food prices and availability. Be sure to add seasonal items while removing ones that have become too expensive. Shouldn't your restaurant have a printer, and a marketer, with decades of experience...

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Mr. Menu Printing Tips #6 Keep it Manageable

Mr. Menu Printing Tips 6. KEEP IT MANAGEABLE. It is impossible to be an expert on every dish shown in a 10-page menu. Highlight your strong dishes while limiting the number of dishes in your menu. Given the choice, customers would prefer to select from 10 spectacular...

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Optimizing Customer Touchpoints

More than the MenuOptimizing Customer TouchpointsLittle Is Large: For decades, PrintETC has provided printing to the Restaurant Industry.   We have spent a great deal of time with many establishments covering marketing issues, from printing menus through...

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Regional Menu Printing

Regional Menu Printing Focus An Introduction to Creating a New England Restaurant Menu Since most of the New England states in the U.S. are situated close to water, it is no wonder that many of the dishes associated with this region present an array of seafood...

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Brew Pubs Today: The Revival Of A Proud American Tradition

Brew Pubs Today:The Revival Of A Proud American TraditionCraft Beers, brewed in the pub!   Tampa and St. Petersburg have  a growing reputation for excellent craft beers.  Brew Pubs are plentiful, with St. Petersburg even offering a craft beer tour!  PrintETC not only...

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Menus and British Food Restaurants

British Cuisine MenusIn our role as Tampa's premier printer for restaurants, we keep our finger on the pulse of marketing for restaurants.  Hopefully, you will be able to take some tidbits away from this article on marketing British cuisine, and maybe even adapt it to...

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The Art Of Menu Writing

The Art Of Menu Writing The Art of Menu Writing the Secret to the Overall Success of any Restaurant Among the most consistent fixtures in any decent restaurant are the menus. They are one of the first things that greet you when you enter your favorite eating place as...

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Restaurant Business Plan – Case Study

New marketing plan raises restaurant’s profitability The Frog and The Peach was established over twenty years ago and is known for its high-quality American cuisine and comfortable atmosphere. “Early on I saw a need to build a database of my frequent customers. Says...

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How To Start A Restaurant

How To Start A Restaurant First of all you will need to think about the type of restaurant you want to open. Primarily, restaurants are grouped into three categories: quick service or fast food, midscale where you will get a good meal for a good price, and upscale...

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Restaurant Business: How To Write Your Menu

Restaurant Business: How To Write Your Menu While the recipes seem not to concern the menu, it is very much connected as the operations in the kitchen are triggered by the customers orders, which are based on the menu. The recipes will serve as important definitions...

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Door Hangers – the Ultimate Localized Marketing Tool

Door Hangers - the Ultimate Localized Marketing ToolDoor Hanger Advertising are an old school printing and marketing media that is seeing a resurgence.  So many of us receive our information now through the computer screen, that physical advertising in unexpected...

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Slinging Hash On-line – Consider an Internet Menu

"How To" With an Internet MenuSlinging Hash On The WebPrint ETC, is not your typical Tampa Printer.  With our breadth of experience in the markets that we serve, we often find ourselves as much marketers as printers.  In that spirit, we will frequently offer blog...

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Changing Pizza Trends (Restaurant Printing)

Changing Pizza TrendsYou just might be scratching your head, why is a printer talking about Pizza Trends?  The truth is, we are a significant printing and marketing partner to many restaurants.  Our mission is to "Brand, Print, and Market" your business.  As...

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