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Door Hangers – the Ultimate Localized Marketing Tool

Door Hanger Advertising are an old school printing and marketing media that is seeing a resurgence.  So many of us receive our information now through the computer screen, that physical advertising in unexpected places seems to grab more attention.  Door Hangers are  printed advertising that goes on a door knob, usually hand placed by people walking the neighborhood.  Given the personal nature of each hanger being placed by an individual in the neighborhood, door hangers are a very personal expression of your business’s commitment to that neighborhood.

Door Hangers are placed on home mailboxes, doorknobs, cars, apartment buildings, bikes, and other consumer connection points.   Print ETC Door Hanger Advertising can consist of straightforward paper door hangers, plastic bag door hangers, and/or custom shaped door hangers. Our goal is to provide the Tampa and Florida small business owner with high quality, high impact, low cost door hanger advertising. We have a wide variety of  advertising templates for ads, postcards, door hangers and flyers and we have a graphics department that can custom design a single advertising piece, a full campaign, or an entire Brand Re-Launch.

Door hangers can be informative or advertising in nature. They are  basically a marketing material, where you hook the door hanger onto the door knob of a door advertising your product or service. Think of the promotional possibilities that door hanger advertising can afford a local bar or restaurant. The potential benefits of door hanger printing and door hanger advertising cannot be understated. The memo board door hanger is a visible and creative advertising medium. Door hangers are  a handy way to leave your advertising message.  Your Advertising message is printed on door hangers, similar to the type used on “do not disturb” signs in hotels.

Reach out to us, let’s see how Door Hangers can supplement your current marketing promoting your neighborhood business.  THe golden rule for business is that 80% of your customers and clients will work or live within 5 miles of your business.   Very localized distribution of Door Hanger advertising is a sure fire pinpoint way of reaching your target audience, whether for a dental practice, or a neighborhood pub, or a local grocery store.

Print ETC, your partner in marketing, providing printing and branding services in Tampa Bay.


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