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Not So Secret Secrets from your Commercial Printer

How Can You Attract Customers And Clients To Your New Business

As a commercial printer for more than 40 years in the Tampa Bay area, we’ve helped more than our share of startup businesses. There are certain things we see in new businesses that are dead giveaways for someone likely to be successful.  Likewise, there are clear indicators that a business is in for a long hard slug to the finish line.  Surprisingly, these things are not about competence, not about the latest greatest coolest service or product, not about the best website, or the slickest brochure.  It is the individual, the energy coming from the startup entrepreneur that is one of the clearest bellwethers of the success of the new business.

If you are going to be in businesses for yourself do something you really, really enjoy. Be passionate about whatever business or work you are in. Keep yourself rested and try to have some fun every day of your life. Other people (including customers to your business) are not attracted to people who stressed out, worried all the time, tired all the time or that don’t have fun at what they do.

If you love what you are doing you will become very good at it. You will learn more about it quicker than a subject you are not the least bit interested in but just have to do in order to earn a paycheck. You will talk about what you love and are passionate about. You will connect with other people and they will catch that same joy you experience and communicate. Things will happen.

Be bold, choose your own path and proceed with that path unstoppable. Even in business, people are attracted to individuals who choose their own path and pursue it with a vibrant passion.

Arrange your business and your life so you can take advantage of creativity at the moment it happens. This might be a hard one for people who have to be on a particular schedule. I personally despise schedules. They tear me up. I cannot function on a set schedule. When I do I feel like someone else’s robot. The most wonderful thing about my lifestyle now is this freedom to sleep, eat and work when my mind and body says to do those things.

Take care of yourself extremely well. Become extremely and incredibly selfish; manage your time, your space and your life well. You will end up having more to give and more to share. After all if you dont take care of yourself first and extremely well how can you expect to serve the needs of others?

Respond immediately to phone calls and e-mails. Answer all questions to the fullest of your ability. Go the extra mile. This really does work more often than not.

Do more than you are asked to do, provide more, go further with people than you are paid for. I was this type of person even when I worked for someone else.

Decide what your personal values are in life. Spend your days living in harmony with your values. You will become energized, at peace with yourself, focused and attractive to others. Work on becoming YOU as a unique, gifted, and unforgettable individual.   Most start-up small businesses begin as “character” businesses.  Customers buy from you, Clients contract with you, because of you.   Therefore it is imperative that you always put your best foot forward.

Protect the image and reputation of your new business with business cards, brochures, banners, printed shirts, whatever printing needs you have that represent your brand as refreshing and competent.  Of course, do your best work, be innovative, or reliable, or competent, whatever is most important in your chosen business.   More than that though, be sure that you keep yourself in good health, invigorated, and excited about what you are doing.  Your new customers or clients, or patients, are probably going to put their personal faith in you over any other factor in the decision to do business with you, especially during your startup phase.  Stay Fresh, stay smart, and good luck in your new business.

Of course, if you need some help with any of your marketing needs, be sure to give us a call.  We love helping new businesses with all of their business form and business printed materials needs.  As Tampa’s highest service Commercial printer, we are a one stop shop for your new  business branding needs, from Tshirts to business forms, magnets to brochures we’ve got you covered.



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