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There are a wide variety of printing companies. We will now take a closer look.

Offset Lithography

This is the printing industry’s most common method and the majority of printers prefer offset lithography because it takes less time to set up and it saves on ink. Therefore if you are doing color printing, this is an affordable and cost effective option. Printers normally offset the ink (how the method got its name) from metal plates onto a rubber cylinder. This is then transferred to the paper stock.

Digital Printing

Since its introduction, this has become the most popular printing method. Digital printing is a highly effective method that reduces the entire printing process time and it doesn’t require plates or films. It uses a computer to directly transfer the digital file to the printing press. Because of its speed, customers often use this process to meet tight schedules and deadlines.


This was one of the earliest printing methods and was invented by Gutenberg. The letterpress resulted in relief printing, which is how the printed image is raised above the surface. As other newer and faster methods were introduced, this method quickly faded.

Electrostatic Printing

This method attaches the color to a drum which is then applied to the paper using heat, just like photocopying. It is great for smaller print runs and like digital printing, it is a cost effective solution.


This process is used mostly in stationary and produces images that are raised. A special dust or a powder is used to stick to the wet ink. Heat is then used to blend the powder and the ink to produce a raised image.

These are only some of the printing methods. Once you know what you will be using the printing for, it will be easier to select the best method. Use the above info to help you choose the best option for your commercial printing needs. You will now have a better understanding of the different methods and you can get the best possible result for your money.

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