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Mr. Menu, Menu Printing Tips # 4


Make your menu stand out since most menus offer salads, pizza or sandwiches. Tweak classic dish by adding or changing a few ingredients that complement the brand of your restaurant.

When our client nick named us Mr. Menu after managing to complete a rush job with near impossible deadlines, we were filled with pride.  “Mr. Menu, stuck and its been one of our monikers ever since.

We have been in the printing, and menu printing, industry for literally decades.  Sometimes, we feel way too young to be this old in an industry.  Those years of experience allow us to simply intuitively make fantastic decisions about how to make your menu, and all of your restaurant marketing and printing needs, absolutely shine.

Don’t forget the old axiom though..”Rules are meant to be broken”.  While we are producing this series on menu design tips, sometimes, stepping “outside of the box” and breaking the rules makes for a spectacular stand out menu.

Your menu is where your customer spends the second most amount of time interacting with your restaurant.  The longest time is obviously dining, the second longest time, reading your menu.  Shouldn’t that menu compel the customer, and appropriately represent your brand?

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