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Creative Follow Up Ideas After a Presentation

When doing a presentation, you shouldn’t just stop there. There is more potential to be seen, and it should be shown through at least 7 follow ups. Not sure how to follow up? Here are some creative follow up ideas for you:

1. Say thank you. Give them a note, preferably hand-written (if that’s your style). You should thank them for their time and consideration, but don’t let them forget who you are; if you really want them to remember you, use a well looking card with your logo on it. If you want to keep it simple, that’s okay, just send in a “Thank You” card- whatever gets the message across that you appreciate them taking their time for you.

2.  If you’re cheesy, this idea is perfect for you! Find Cheese Straws at the store, and send them in with a note that says something punny along the lines of, “Grasping as the straws to find the perfect solution to…(insert a dilemma they may have that you can fix for them)? Let us help!” If you’re not into sending in food, normal plastic straws will work too.

3. In continuation of creative food ideas to keep them thinking of you, you’ll need a bag of popcorn. Again, send this in with a note. This note should read, “Just popping by as a reminder of what we can do for you (include something you can do for them)!”

4. Another idea for food lovers are chocolate business cards! You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Now, this option is a little bit more costly given that you’ll need to pay someone to print your information onto the chocolate, however, it’s still a worthwhile idea!

5. Setting all food aside, bring in the drinks! Every business loves coffee; which is why you should send a coffee mug! This won’t be just any ordinary coffee mug, this mug will have your logo on it. You can also add in the option to send it with coffee packets and other small things inside. Either way, this is a sure way of keeping the thought of you linger during their coffee break.

6. Pick up some rolodex cards at the store, write “When you need us, we’re always a fingertip length away!” Include your name on the top tab, or a little something about your business. If rolodex cards are too hard to come by for you, normal index cards or sticky notes will do as well.

7. This last idea if for those who love sharing positive feelings in adorable ways. All you’ll need is a packet of seeds, with a note saying, “We want to grow with you.” This is not only cute and comforting, but also very affordable!


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