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Corporate Branding


A brand name effects almost everything. It is very important to put a lot of thought into your own corporate branding. Some of the biggest corporations- McDonald’s, Starbucks, Walmart, etc.- are household brand names, and their names are partial reason for that. Here are a few tips to help you out when brand naming your corporation.

1. Be Original

When trying to think of a name, think of business cards. What name and/or logo would suit the card? Consider the size and shape of the card, and compare it to how long or short, big or small, your name and logo will be. With this, don’t try to be too creative, keep it simple, but original.

2. Think Worldwide

If you want your corporation to be a worldwide success- which you do- think of the appeal to different countries and cultures. Don’t just try to appeal to your local area- go big. This may require research, but it’s well worth it. Make places all over the world want what you’re offering.

3. Target your Audience

Target your audience. Depending on who you’re trying to advertise to, form your logo and name around them. For example, a more older, conservative audience would call for a more conservative branding. If you’re looking for younger people, break out the energy and creativity. Attract your audience, don’t look for them.

4. Advertisement

There are many ways you can get your name out there through advertisement. Many images go around the internet at a million miles per hour it seems. Take that for advantage. If you want to reach people, and fast, work on your graphic design skills. Get an image out there, and one that says it all and sums up what you’re trying to sell. The key is to create a strong graphic design that will grab people’s attention.

5. Developing a Reputation

It takes a lot to get your name out there and start a corporation. It takes time, staff, skills, location, etc. Your company will develop a reputation of some sort as all these things fall into place; people may associate you with a certain product you’re representing. It’s good to keep it that way, and carry out a corporate image.

6. Market

Again, take the internet for your advantage. Develop a website, a place where customer’s can reach you at. This is especially important for those long-distance clients who can’t visit your headquarters. A website can do wonders for your company; you can market yourself, and use it as a platform for advertisement. Your website is just that- yours. This is your chance to get your company out there in a place where millions of people will see it.

7. Take Notes

When you have nowhere else to turn, turn to those who made it big before you. Look at big-time corporations, do some research, and take notes. Keep track of how they got to where they are now, what they do, etc.


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