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Great Savings in Postcard Printing

Every penny counts. This is the reason why I am cautious where to spend it. We need to be a spend-thrift, not simply because it is wise but because it is a must.

I am into postcards and every once in awhile I am tasked to take charge of the whole process – from the conceptualization up to printing. If you were to view the whole process from design through postage,  it may seem a pretty taxing process. the fact is, postcards take a lot of effort to do right, but they have a phenomenal return.

It is my “dining room table” observation, that postcards are making a comeback.  The dining room table is where the mail goes once it comes in, before it gets sorted.  Yesterday, there was a postcard, that motivated me, and my wife and I went that night, and made a $2,000 purchase.   I think the reason that postcards have come back from the abyss in terms of effectiveness, is that most of the marketing industry is so wound up in the internet and digital marketing, that there is simply less competition in the mail box.  I don’t know about you, but my “dining room table” observation is that there are fewer bills (thank you digital payment) fewer fliers, and fewer postcards.  That means, what’s there, if its done well, get’s noticed!

Printing can be a big factor to consider in dealing with postcards. Many postcard designs are ‘ganged’ in order to save  both money and time. Ganging print dramatically slashes the price of each printing job.  It may well pay you to plan out a few postcards at once to take advantage of ganging.

Ganging print goes like this, if you are going to print 12 different postcard designs on different sheets – it’s 12 runs.  If you put the 12 cards on a single sheet, and run more sheets – its just one print run.

Another consideration that can help you is to find a commercial printer like Print ETC in Tampa. Florida, that gives a good postcard printing deal.  We love to see folks exercising their marketing budget “old school” and putting dynamic and effective content in front of prospects through postcards, and our pricing shows it.  We are ABSOLUTELY competitive against the online guys, with the added advantage of 40 years of experience to help you though the entire process, front to back.

In connection to mailing postcards, postage rate can be pretty affordable. In fact, first class mail is only 34 cents, 15 cents lower than a letter.   There’s many things that can impact postage however, bulk rate is FAR less expensive, and oversized first class can be far more.  These are all considerations that you can bounce off Tampa’s Printing Pirate Dennis, the owner of Print Etc.


Print Etc. is thrilled to see the revival of postcards, and we love seeing the bold new designs.  We are here to help you from soup to nuts, design, pricing, mailing methods, mail list acquisition, even the physical mailing.  Give us a call.  Let’s make Old School marketing cool, affordable, and most of all, VERY effective again!

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