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How To Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Print ETC is your custom printer in Tampa.   In addition to creating custom trade show booths, we also help you in marketing your brand through the tradeshow process with printed products, specialty marketing giveaways like branded T Shirts, hats and Coffee Mugs.  Of course, we also help with business cards, and custom brochures to optimize your trade show engagement.

One of our case studies is a full rebranding of Induction Iron for a trade show.

Engage All The Senses

In the hyper competitive world of trade shows trying to stand out from the crowd can be quite challenging. It seems that everyone has a nice display, great graphics, brochures and the typical ball point pen or koozie with logo which makes it difficult to be different. Below are a few strategies that can be used to create that unique experience and leave lasting impressions.

At a typical trade show your eyes and ears are pretty much being taken care of, but what about the sense of smell, touch and taste? Here are a few strategies that can help engage all the other senses.


Smells can create quite an emotional response in most individuals. In fact, you probably have a fond memory attached to the smell of your grandmother’s freshly baked cookies or the smell of wood in your father’s workshop. For example, every time I smell gasoline I think of working at my grandfather’s gas station as a child in the summer. ScentAir, based in Charlotte, NC, offers scent delivery systems that are normally used in retail, medical and entertainment venues but can easily be adapted for the trade show floor. The company offers over 1000 scents and can even custom create a branded scent just for your company.


Touch is how we learn as children and is also a valuable learning tool as adults. Put products in clients hands, let them try them out. Try not to see what your sell as museum pieces that no one can use. A more subtle approach in engaging touch is through your feet. The only thing I hate about walking the show floor or working at a show is how my feet feel afterwards. By the end of the day I find myself looking for soft carpets to walk on so why not take advantage of this dilemma. The Comfort Channel offers quite a variety of foot massagers and many of them are quite portable. Invite prospects in for a nice foot massage while discussing how you might be able to help further their business. You can also help your prospect to remember you on the way home. For most trade show attendees the way to and from the show is via plane. Instead of the typical pen promotional item why not give away branded inflatable neck pillows. They are quite affordable and can be found at ePromos.


Taste can be quite a challenge as we most often taste things by eating. Some shows will enable you to give out food and others won’t so make sure to refer to you exhibitor manual. You can purchase branded food items with you company name and or logo. Most commonly seen at shows is mints, but there are plenty of other options like candies, nuts, even wine. Another strategy with Taste is to send out food after the show. A great example of this would be to send a pizza to a hot prospect for lunch with a slice missing. In place of that slice would be a piece of paper saying that your company’s solution is the missing piece of the puzzle.

In the end your goal at any show is to stand out, get noticed and walk away with as many potential leads and business opportunities as possible. The above solutions are only a part of the puzzle but one that is most often overlooked.

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