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More than the Menu

Optimizing Customer Touchpoints

Little Is Large:


For decades, PrintETC has provided printing to the Restaurant Industry.   We have spent a great deal of time with many establishments covering marketing issues, from printing menus through attracting and keeping customers.

Great eating establishments  put a great deal of time, money, and energy into creating their menu.  The restaurant experience though does not start and end with food.  The entire experience of dining in an establishment is what creates loyal customers.   The little things count, and count a lot.

Customers have a huge assortment of dining choices, good food often isn’t enough to keep them returning week after week. According to Restaurants and Institutions New American Diner Survey nearly 43% of diners take into account all the aspects of the restaurant to determine if they’ll return.

We are sure that you have experienced a restaurant with good food and attractive prices, but then they completely drop the ball on multiple other touch points:

  • empty condiments,
  • dirty windows,
  • a stoic hostess,
  • a dirty table,
  • an unfriendly server,
  • a funky restroom with little soap and no paper towels.

Every negative touch point will cancel out any positive accomplished by good food and prices.

Don’t worry, weak spots are easy to see and fix. Do all you can to hire people who believe strongly in hospitality, consider them investments, as they make a big impression in the customer’s mind. When problems arise let the customer know that you see their point of view and not only are you on their side but you’re working to correct anything that’s negative for them.

Problems, weak spots in the restaurant are opportunities to improve.  A great restaurant owner will watch for, and learn from, those touch points about their business that are both positive, and negative.

Every business has some deficit.   The general public seems to accept this, and your proactive attitude towards fixing those many touch points in your restaurant will determine whether or not those precious 1 time customers become repeat dinners.


Everyone likes a problem solver, and a great meal!

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