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When it comes to design, menu pricing is the biggest challenge. Restaurant owners don’t want customers to just quickly read through the menu for the cheapest items.

Use the 5 tips below to prevent a price scan:

  1. Avoid using the $ sign on the menu.
  2. Don’t line up menu prices horizontally or vertically.
  3. Use unconventional price listing. Think about using prices that have one decimal as opposed to two such as (10.5 compared to $10.50).
  4. Go for understated colors and fonts when listing prices. For instance, say the text on the menu is black, display prices in gray, which gives it less importance visually.
  5. Mix up the prices. Never list from most expensive to cheapest.

Print Etc, Mr. Menu, in Tampa has better than 4 decades of experience in commercial printing.  When it comes to making your commercial print project, whether its menus, uniforms, brochures or catalogs, productive, not just good looking, rely on our history and experience.

Menu pricing is just one of the many subtle areas where the experience of your printer can make a significant difference in the productivity and success of your commercial printing.

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