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Menu Printing Tips from Mr. Menu

When it comes to menu printing, don’t forget your customers with special needs!  There is a significant portion of your customer base that is concerned over the health value of what they put in their body. Is there something on your menu that you can highlight?

  • Heart Healthy?
  • Low Fat?
  • Diabetic Friendly?
  • Low Carb?

If you restaurant has menu items that cater to certain health needs, consider a highlight on the menu, or even a separate menu.

Doing this not only serves your customers, but will encourage repeat visits.  Those with special dietary needs will remember that your establishment caters to them, and will be more likely to return.

Print Etc. has decades of experience in restaurant print marketing, and menu printing.  We serve you with tabletop displays, checkout displays, menus, postcards, anything you need to best promote your restaurant.  More importantly, we are not just printers.  We’ve learned from serving countless restaurant brands what “works” and what doesn’t.  Rely on the type experience you only get from a restaurant printing pro, rely on Print Etc.


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