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What cuisine do you have on your menu? What is the theme of your restaurant? Once you can answer these questions, it will be easier to choose your menu color. For instance, the colors in a quiet French Bistro might be different from a boisterous Mexican restaurant.

So much effort went into the design of your restaurant.  So much effort went into picking the food that would go on the menu.  Are you ready to optimize that with complimentary menu colors and themes ?   Most of us can’t string colors together.  Understanding what colors pull what emotions from people is sometimes more art than science.

There are many tools online that tell you what colors work best with certain colors.  There are color wheels that allow you to sample a primary color, and come up with complimentary, triad schemes, shade variations, complementary colors, in fact a wide gamut of computer matched colors.  What they can’t do though is tell you what these colors will convey to you restaurant patrons.

Many people will actually bring us color swatches, and paint samples as a starting point in their menu design.  This is GREAT.  In the hands of an old school printing master, orchestrating color to evoke emotion and create action is second nature.  We welcome you working with us in anyway you feel comfortable.  Tampa’s Print Etc. will create a menu color scheme that is evocative, and we will faithfully recreate those colors in print with the accuracy that you would expect in today’s digital age.


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