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Always use clear, legible fonts. Why would a customer want to order if they can’t read the text?

No one ever taught typography at culinary schools.   Does a serif or non serif font best express your menu options?  Or.. for most of us.. “What the heck is a serif, and what does it have to do with dinner?”  Menu fonts have a huge impact on your menu presentation.

If you are serving basic home cooked fare, a clear easy font makes all the difference is telling your restaurant patron what they can expect of their meal.  If your lighting is muted, a find stroked fancy font might portray expectations about your food, but can it be read in that light?  If you cater to a senior population, is your font large enough for the inevitable degraded vision that your clients likely suffer from?

Menu fonts play a large role in how easily a menu can be read, if it will be read even, and will help set the table of expectation on the part of your restaurant customer.   Print Etc has been in the menu printing industry for decades.  The online “weprintemquick.com” websites can never give you the advice and guidance from a piece of software that we can give you as printing pros.

Call today, let’s start designing, or redesigning your menus for your clients and your food.


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