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Mr. Menu Printing Tips


It is impossible to be an expert on every dish shown in a 10-page menu. Highlight your strong dishes while limiting the number of dishes in your menu. Given the choice, customers would prefer to select from 10 spectacular dishes as opposed to choosing from 100 plain ones.

Tampa Based Mr. Menu offers a series of menu printing tips.  Your menu says so much to your customer about what your restaurant is, what its character is.  A menu is far more than a list of food, it is a unique bit of marketing, one which your customer spends a disproportionate amount of time reviewing, compared with actually eating at your establishment.   Think of it, in any other marketing in any other business, the marketing has a very short lived impression.  How often does someone read all the legal disclaimers on a Mortgage Closing Business’ brochure?   Menus, compared to any other industry and any other marketing material, get thoroughly read, and frequently, get thoroughly read every time a patron visits your establishment.   That’s a record no brochure can attest to.

Make your menu work.  Call Mr Menu, Denis Kinard at Print Etc.  Our offices are in Brandon FL, however we create menus and other restaurant print related marketing, around the county.

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