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Menu Printing Tips

The location of each food item on the menu can impact sales of that item. Think of it as food hierarchy. Where do people look first?

  • Top center.Whether your menu format is vertical, horizontal or includes multiple pages, the prime position for any menu item is the top third of the canvas in the center.
  • Top right directly across from item No. 1.Remember people generally ready from left to right, so if the eye is first drawn to the center item, the logical next step is directly right.
  • Top left in line with item Nos. 1 and 2.After looking at the prime spots a menu reader generally tends to shift back into more of a normal reading pattern, starting at the top left of the menu and reading down the column.
  • Back of the menu.One of the first things many people do when handed something printed is look at the back. (This can be a key location for specials.)
  • Under large headers.Menu scanners will also hop to items that fall directly below large headers such as “entrée,” “appetizer” or “drinks.” You can almost think of each of these sections as a mini-menu design in itself in terms of item placement.

In terms of placement also think about the natural progression of courses. The menu printing should follow a flow that mimics the courses people will order and eat in the chronology that is most common.

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