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Need help with your next direct mail campaign?

Looking to maximize your next direct mail campaign or need help with your first? Then look no further than to Print Etc.. We will assist you with the design, printing, addressing per your mail list and drop at the post office. contact us Today at 813.972.2800 or email...

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Mr. Menu – Menu Printing Tip 10 – KEEP IT SHORT

It is a menu, not a book. Get all the relevant info on that will make your dishes sound appealing, but leave out any extra fluff. We have SO MUCH to say about this, but that would be breaking our own menu printing rule. To learn more about "brevity" in crafting your...

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What are the different types of commercial printing?

There are a wide variety of printing companies. We will now take a closer look. Offset Lithography This is the printing industry's most common method and the majority of printers prefer offset lithography because it takes less time to set up and it saves on ink....

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Short Run Printing Or Print On Demand

Difference Between Short Run Printing And Print On Demand Short run printing and print on demand are somewhat similar in that they typically address small quantities, but they do have significant differences.  This article focuses on the book printing industry, and...

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Digital Printing + Short Run Process

Digital Printing + Short Run Process When you need brochures, postcards, business cards or posters printing in small quantities and fast turnaround time, who do you turn to? Surely not The Flash, your comic superhero that possess super-speed power. In needs like these...

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Is Direct Mail Still Worth Investing On?

Is Direct Mail Still Worth Investing On? Everybody these days has an email address. It’s no longer even a question of if somebody has one, but rather, how many they have. From this common truth, it can be said that most people from the young- to the mid-age bracket...

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Print on Demand: Is it Right for You?

  Print on Demand: Is it Right for You? When you hear the word print on demand what comes to your mind? Youll probably say on demand printing, fast turnaround time or small quantity printing. Well, you are right. Print on demand is a printing technology that allows...

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