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Use an upsell menu.  Menu Upsells on a separate sheet sell better.  Keeping upsells to 4 – 8 items is more productive.  Consider an upsell table tent.

Menu Printing Tips – The Upsell Menu

Less choices are easier choices.  Your upsells are usually your more profitable choices – make it easy for your patrons to choose one.

Your restaurant menu upsells are often your most profitable items and add significantly to the bottom line profitability of every table.   Having too many choices can cause confusion, which leads to missing an upsell opportunity.

Upsells that are on a separate menu, and on upsell menus, statistically sell much better than upsells listed core menu.  If your establishment is the type that can utilize table tents, these are yet another great option to offer and sell upsell items to your customers, increasing your bottom line, and enhancing your patron’s dining experience.


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