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Why A flyer Is A Good Choice

Well talking about flyers, compared to other advertising tools such as posters, banners, catalogs, booklets, etc., a flyer is a great way to communicate, and extremely cost effective.  Flyers can also be used in many different ways (again, affordably).  You can send flyers through the mail, you can post flyers in strategic locations, you can give a copy of your flyer to every customer who walks in and walks out in your business establishment or you can hand out a flyer to passing customers.  If you are really determined, you can get volunteers to pass some out of your flyers at the local mall or shopping area.  You can easily spread them around, and because of their low price point, you can spread the message of your brand affordably.

Flyers are a quick and easy tool for relaying information to your target consumer. A flyer is easy to create and inexpensive to produce. A flyer is normally a single sheet document printed in one or two colors or with full color process. A flyer acts as communication between you and the reader, letting the reader know what you can do for them.  A flyer also represents you, so, it is vital that you it not only delivers your marketing message, but appropriately represents your brand as well.

Marketing research has shown that distributing full color flyers is more effective than sending flyers printed in one or two colors. If you want the extra impact of full color printing, but are only interested in short runs, digital printing might be a very viable option.   If you are sending out scores of fliers, then traditional printing is usually more economic.

If your flier is timeless – in other words, a static message not likely to change  (as opposed to a Valentine’s Day Special)  then you can also take advantage of Print Etc’s print warehousing, where we do large production runs to keep the price point low, but warehouse the printing for you, and deliver as needed.


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